From Juzcar, the blue village, to Moclón

From Juzcar, the blue village, to Moclón

A circular route from Juzcar Genal river and up the the abandoned Moorish Village Moclón

The formerly white village Juzcar became famous after it was painted blue for the filming of a promotion movie about the Smurfs. Since then, this village attracts more visitors than any other village around.

Our walk takes us through chestnut forests, agricultural land down along the waterfall "Cima del Diablo", hidden in the gorge, we can only hear it, and on to the river banks of the Genal. On the other side we walk up to the ruins of the abandoned Moorish village Moclón and back towards Juzcar, passing the campside at the river. 



dificultad3 medium - 8,4km - 4  hours


 ↑↓ 620m

Please bring:

Hiking shoes, sun and rain protection, enough water. 


Pick up times:

Estepona 8:30
Marbella: 9:00

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