Family Hiking Holidays

A special week to share with your loved ones, enjoying nature

You will live in a beautiful, very welcoming, small country hotel, on the banks of the River Guadiaro. There is a  private beach and a huge garden,with old trees, under which  hammocks invite rest. Also a spa, an orange orchard and plenty of space for your children to play and explore.
Your food will be made from organic local produce, prepared by a very good and friendly chef,in the open kitchen, right before your eyes.
The resort offers complete tranquillity, in the midst of the most beautiful Andalusian countryside,surrounded by forests and mountains. In the sympathetic, small village,at the train station, just outside the hotel's grounds, you will find several bars and restaurants and "corner shops" for small shopping.

Health for body and soul:

The hotel offers a rich and highly professional range of natural healing therapies,such as, among others: massages, osteopathy, kinesiology, reflexology, spas, sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi with ozone therapy ...



The hikes follow the Guadiaro valley, along the river and the attractive rail line connecting the small villages between Ronda and Algeciras Port. A week to experience, for adults and children, leading you and your family in the footsteps of smugglers, who used this way over the centuries, from Gibraltar to Ronda. You walk on well surfaced roads to gorges and caves, through cork forests and the famous white villages of Andalusia,which invite you to sample their specialities.
You and your children can see the artisans at work, learn how the typical andalusian ceramic tiles are painted in the village, how to make cork crafts from cork, and much more.

Choose your roots

3 Modules of hiking day trips are included in your week, you can book more routes if you wish

La BuitreraModule 01 - Hike to Vulture Valley

The hike begins at the El Colmenar station, follows the railway line and the river upstream on a beautiful path, with views of the river below and the surrounding mountains.
Just before the path goes up a hill above the railway tunnel, you can still take a dip in the river. At this point the river comes out of the impressive Vulture Valley and here it is very wide and calm as a lake.
The trail over the mountain is worthwhile, because on the other side you will find a cave-like tunnel and a narrow bridge over the gorge! You will get to know the "Buitre Leonado" - the impressive Griffon Vulture, with a wingspan of about 2.5 meters, seen up close.

Walking time: 5 hours, 10 km (return trip)


Module 02 - Benaoján to Jimera del Líbar

By train to Benaojan. From the station we follow a well-paved path along the railway line and the river Guadiaro.
Old cork oaks line the beautiful, easy to walk, ongoing path. The river invites you to swim.
At the train station of Jimera del Libar you may have lunch in an excellent restaurant, or enjoy a picnic on the riverbank and then travel back by train.

Walking time: 3 hours, 7.5 km

Cueva de la PiletaModule 03 - Cave hike, and visiting the "Cueva de La Pileta"

By train to Benaojan. We go by taxi up to the prehistoric cave "Pileta",in the Grazalema mountains, with cave paintings from the Paleolithic and Neolithic  Era.
The tour of the cave takes 1 hour. Then we follow a path down to the railway line, and continue from there to the other cave" Cueva del Gato".
Your path leads to the exit of the cave, to the point where the river that flows out of the cave, opens into the Guadiaro. We don't enter this cave, because it can only be visited with climbing equipment. A nice place for a cool dip in the river.

Walking time: 3-4 hours (+1 hour in the cave), 7.8 km

RondaModule 04 - circular route Ronda - Old mills, with city tour

This circular walk consists of two parts, a city tour and a hike.
We take the train to Ronda station and walk first through the emblematic town of Ronda. Taking in the imposing bridge, an architectural masterpiece that leads over the Tajo gorge and the valley, to the old mills, along the Tajo and back into the city.

Walking time: 3-4 hours, 7.6 km

Cork forestModule 05 - round trip through the Cork Forest

The beautiful scenic walk through the Cork Forest, straight from the hotel, takes you up into the deepest Cork Forest, where you can watch the Cork harvesters at work. A magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and the village.

Walking time: 3-4 hours 8.5 km

GaucinModule 06 - Gaucin "The Balcony of the Ronda mountain range" - circular route

By taxi to Gaucín, a picturesque white village with views of two oceans, 2 continents and 3 countries. This beautiful hike leads you from Gaucin to the foot of the scenic mountain, "El Hacho", through cork forests, hills with fantastically beautiful views of the Líbar Mountains, back to the village and up to the "Castillo del Alguila" - the ruins of the ancient eagle, Moorish castle. With a taxi back to the hotel.

Walking time: 4-5 hours 11 km

ColmenarModule 07 - fun creative day for children

A creative day for children and a free day for the adults.
Interactive games in the premises of the hotel, that will bring children closer to nature and creative crafts workshops. That night we sleep in a tent (next to the hotel) and watch the stars, listening to the sounds of nature at night.

Parents can use this day as they please,eg for a more demanding hike from our offer, a trip, a wellness day the hotel, or simply dangle the soul.

TarifaModule 08 - Trip to Tarifa, beach day 

A beach-day in Tarifa, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Enjoy the amazing view to Africa, so close, you think you could reach out for it. Tarifa is only 14.4 km away from Africa.
White sand, moving Dunes and Pine Forests. You choose: a beach-walk, have fun in the dunes, a drink at the Chiringuito (Beach Bar), or a little bit of everything. 

GibraltarAdditional offer: Excursion to Algeciras and Gibraltar

The tour begins with a train ride to the port city of Algeciras.From there we take the ferry to Gibraltar. Sightseeing. We take the cable car high up onto the rocks, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Straits of Gibraltar, Algeciras Bay and the coast of Africa.You will get to know the only European monkey colony,up close.

Return trip by taxi. Price for 4 persons Family: € 280
The price includes:
Train, ferry, cable car, taxi, tour leader.


Arrangement 8 days, 7 nights

     7 nights with half board (breakfast and dinner)
     Transfer Malaga airport - hotel - airport
     3-day hiking modules to choose from (with Tour Leader)

English speaking tour assistance and support at any time available for you.

Maximum 12 people (3-4 families) Minimum participants: 2 families

Dates / Prices 2013/2014

Available all year, please contact us. July and August, due to the high temperatures, are not recommended for hiking.


Family 2 adults 1 child: € 1.737
Family 2 adults 2 children: € 2.153
additional child: € 364
another adult: € 579

Vegetarian food preferences and food allergies can be registered with the booking.
Please note any requests on application.

Selectable day hikes

In your holiday week 3 of 9 day hiking modules are included, you can also book additional modules.

You can decide the choice of walks on site, after you have received all the details of our hiking guide,to tailor them to your needs.

Price for each additional modules: € 140 per family or group of 1-4 people.

You will be offered, among other things, a children's-day program that gives you the opportunity to do something without your children. A  more demanding hike from our program perhaps,or simply to enjoy a day for yourself. Please note that in all other cases, children can not attend without you. 


Tour assistance

A competent English-speaking tour assistant welcomes you on the evening of your arrival at the hotel and is always available for you.


Dependant on the season. The best time is of course in the spring and autumn. In the winter months it can be very cool with the Atlantic influence, the main rainy season is from January to March and from May to September,it almost never rains.


Very charming country hotelon the banks of the river Guadiaro. With River beach, spa hot tub, sauna, steam, natural therapies. Healthy Eating with ecological products.

Vegetarian food preferences and food allergies can be registered with the booking.

Getting there

You will be picked up from Malaga airport with a taxi or minibus.