Johanna and GuapaYour hiking guide

Hi, I am Johanna, the hiking and tour guide for SUR Walks. I was born and raised in Upper Austria's Salzkammergut region. Since I was a child I loved walking in my natural surroundings. 

Besides me, on the Photo, you can see "Guapa", my four legged assistant. Guapa was rescued from the street near Ronda by friends of mine, she is extremly friendly and just wants to be petted all the time, and Guapa absolutely loves hiking!

My passion for hiking led me on tours in South America, from the Andes to the Amazon. Since 1996 I'm living in Spain.

In 2009 and 2011,on the Via de la Plata, the southern route, I united my two great passions, hiking and animal welfare. I organized and led two major hikes for people and animals, both over a thousand kilometres,across Spain.

El CaminoThe aim was to raise awareness of campaigns for animal welfare. "El Camino" was a great success, human and animal participants attracted lots of attention on their unusual pilgrimage from Seville to Santiago de Compostela.

Andalusia offers me everything I need for a good life, the sea on my doorstep and the mountains in the background. Anyone who does not know the Andalusian hinterland, could not imagine that a few kilometres behind the Costa del Sol,a diverse and almost unspoiled landscape still exists. I know and love the area, its people, their villages, their history and their stories and take great pleasure from introducing you to them on my hikes.