The Torcal of Antequera - Artworks by Nature

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Date: Thursday, 02 May 2019

An walk through karstic rock-formations, risen from the sea in the jurassic age and formed over millions of years. With a visit to Antequera and the Dolmens.

Mountain GoatsThe Torcal is an impressive karst landscape that has been shaped over the years by wind and erosion, which has left a bizarre maze of rock towers. Overlaying strung rocking stones​​, quirky shapes and figures that look like elaborate sculptures. The vast limestone plateau lies at 1100 to 1400 meters above sea level, near the town of Antequera. A conservation park, you should definitely visit.

Our hiking tour leads us through and over rocks, but on a well surfaced paths through the area, offering a breathtaking view over the rocky landscape, the mountains and hills around Antequera. On our way back we stop for a short visit in Antequera, and may enjoy some local specialities (Tapas on the church square), and have a quick visit to the famous Dolmens of Menga (UNESCO World Heritage).


 easy/medium – 3,7 km – approx. 3 hours. It is walking between and over rocks, they can be slippery, good shoes are required.

EL Torcal de Antequera


↑↓114 m

Please bring

Hiking shoes, sun and rain protection, enough water.

Pick up times

Estepona: 8:30

Marbella: 9:00


Expected return


Price 55€


Guide, insurrance and transportation to the starting point and back

Dolmen Menga VieraNot included:

Food and drinks

Reservation required



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