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A very special excursion, for a very special occasion

Whether there is something special to celebrate, a birthday, anniversary, or you simply want to enjoy a special and extraordinary day with friends or family

This special day can be designed around you. The examples mentioned here are only intended as a suggestion, depending on whether it is about more or less hiking, a lot of nature, culture and history, getting to know the surroundings, celebrating ... or a mixture of everything.

  • Vineyards, bodegas, wine tasting
  • Picnic in the countryside
  • Family celebration
  • Wedding in a small, private setting, in the middle of nature (free wedding)
  • Visit to historical sites
  • Guided tour at caves with prehistoric paintings
  • Villages and cities of Andalusia
  • Weekend in the mountains
  • A night under the stars
  • Sunset / sunrise at the mountain top
  • A night in the deepest cork oak forest in an old village without electricity or cell phone reception
  • and much more...

 bodega ramos paul casa 01  Samsara 1    bodegas ramos acinipo 01  ardales cueva spring 01  ronda 2  torrecilla moon 03   vinos aceites ronda cata aceitetarifa wedding miel 1