“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" (Edmund Hillary)


Hi, im Johanna, your hiking guide and I would like to welcome you on one of my walks

Let me take you to my favorite places of andalucias Hinterland, in personalized small groups, just like walking with friends. My main goal is to make everyone enjoy a day out in our beautiful nature, the most fascinating and often unknown side of Andalucía. There are so many places you might have never even imagined, and I would like to share them with you.

Hiking Holidays - Discover Andalusia's most secret side

The andalusian hinterland is for idealists, people who are looking for more than just sun and beaches, those who really want to take in the beauty of the country, it's nature, it's people and their culture and get to know it. Let yourself be enchanted by this unknown side of Andalusia. Different offers of personalized hiking holidays for all levels.

Special offers for Hiking Groups, Ramblers Clubs or Companies

Personalized programs designed for groups and hiking clubs who want to spend their holiday in Andalucia. Here we offer just a few suggestions, we can develop a special program for each group, with a rich selection of hotels, from luxury beach hotels to country hotels with charm in the mountains, day trips depending on your taste and level of difficulty.