The Bandolero Route

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Date: Monday, 09 April 2018 - Friday, 13 April 2018

A hiking week through the Andalusian hinterland in 5 stages

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We will be walking through the valley of the Río Guadiaro, on the mountain range of Grazalema and the "Serranía de Ronda".

Through white villages, cork forests, deep gorges, over steep mountain ranges with bizarre rock formations, plateaus with cows and sheep, who remember the alpine meadows in spring and back down into the valley of the Guadiaro river, following the railway line that connects Ronda with the seaport of Algeciras.

The ultimate goal of the walk is the emblematic city of Ronda, with the impressive Tajo Gorge and a visit to the Bandolero museum. 


Green valleys, mountains and a view over two oceans, three countries and two continents

bandolero 3The area around the Rio Guadiaro and Genal Valley has an amazing botanical richness, from cork oak, chestnut, mountain oaks, native bush palms, the unique pinsapos trees (Spanish fir), to more than 30 species of orchids.

The scenic beauty and diversity of the regions along the two rivers is dominated by the karstischem rocks of the Grazalema mountains, the Serrania de Ronda, the fertile valley along the rivers, the climate, that has a very high annual rainfall, despite the extreme heat in summer and even higher up yet, the lush green meadows, which become glowing golden carpets in the Autunm and last but not least, the impressive views of the Andalusian coast, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar and the coast of Africa.

Time seems to stand still in the typical white villages along the route. Each village tells a piece of the history of Andalusia and the names of villages, the majority from the Arab, tell part of the story. Many of them have the suffix "de la Frontera" - meaning 'of the border', because here the border ran between the Christian and Moorish kingdoms. But early Christian temples, Roman roads and bridges, are also to be seen.

bandolero 1In typical village bars, with tapas and a glass of Malaga wine, the locals like to tell the romantic tales of the Bandoleros, who were hiding in the rugged mountain ranges of the area. Though they never agree whether they were bandits or freedom fighters, in any case, they have become legends.

The unknown hinterland of western Andalusia is somewhere for individualists, for those who want to know Andalusia from a different side, its mountains and valleys, its people in the sleepy villages, their crafts, Their tradition, and especially the peace and the feeling of being far away from everything, like being in another world.

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