Program for guided day hikes

Getting off the beaten track. Mountain and coastal walks, white villages, cork forests, rugged mountains ...

Hiking guide and transport

We hike out of love for nature, in small groups, pick-up in minibus and your personal guide. I look forward to hiking with you!

Special occasions

A very special excursion, for a very special occasion. Whether a birthday, anniversary or simply the joy of a unique experience with friends or family

Hiking weeks

Hiking weeks, the perfect vacation

Multi-day tours, whether in Andalusia, the Pyrenees or Morocco, means switching off completely and immersing yourself really deeply into the respective region.

Special offers for Hiking Groups

Hiking clubs, groups of friends, companies, company trips, team building, seminar groups, themed trips such as yoga, wellness, nature lovers, bird watchers ...

Plants we find along our ways

The variety of flowers that can be found on our trails, especially in spring, surprises many hikers, as does the intense green all year round.