The amazing 3 caves tour near Ronda

Date: Thursday, 17 November 2022

A glance into the interior of the earth and the early history of mankind. A one-hour guided tour of a stalactite cave with paintings and a hike to two spectacular cave entrances from the outside

Pileta CaveA quite unusal tour in three parts: first we visit the Pileta-cave, a one hour guided tour through the most amazing world of stalactites, colorfull mineral cascades and prehistoric cave paintings, dated over 32.000 years old.  A journey to the beginnings of our human history.

caves 3From there we drive near the entrance of "El Hundidero" (sunken place). A hugh whole in the rock is the entrance to a 4 km long cave, crossing the entire mountain. We just walk down to the entrance of the cave! It is an impressive hugh whole in the rocky mountian, but will not enter it, this could only be done with special gear. 


After coming back up, we drive again down to the river on the other side of the mountain and walk to the other end of the same cave, where a river flows out in a waterfall, it has a different name on this side, called "Cueva del Gato" the cat's cave. The water coming out is ice-cold, but cristal clear, and even on hot days only the brave risk a dip into the beautiful natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall. 

caves 5Difficulty:

  easy /medium – 9 km approx. The Pileta Cave visit, is a short walk, but you need good shoes and be aware it might be a bit slippery inside the cave. To the Hundidero Cave there is a path with some steps, and to The Cueva del Gato we walk on a lovely almost flat path along the river.


Distances and elevations:

Cueva de la Pileta: 1,5km, ↑↓ 120m
Cueva del Hundidero: 2,3km ; ↑↓268m
Cueva del Gato: 5km;↑↓ 127 m

Please bring:

Hiking shoes, rain/sun protection, enough water, a bathing suit if you want to risk a cold dip (Summer), jacket or long sleeved shirt for the cave (15º).

Pick up times:

Estepona 8:30
Marbella: 9:00

Expected return


Cats CavePrice: 65€ (including entrance fee to cave)


Entrance to the Pileta Cave, hiking guide, insurance and transport to starting point and back.

Not included:

Food and drinks

Reservation required