Requirements and conditions


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Andalusia is not flat

For our Day-hiking program no alpine experience or skills are required, please read the descriptions for each individual walk. It is important to know the difficulty of your walk. The difficulty is defined by lengt, elevations and the condition of the terrain. Hiking trails in Andalusia are often not as good as for example in the UK. 


Appropriate sure-footedness, sufficient condition, and some hiking experience should be present.

Health problems must be communicated beforehand

The hikes are designed so that you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery in peace. This is not about physical challenge, our main focus is on  experiencing nature and landscape, sociability, relaxation and fun of walking. Our walking program is structured so that the young and young at heart can join as well as the very fit walkers.

An important prerequisite is respect for nature. We leave no trace and take no "souvenirs" from nature.

Equipment for day hikes:

  • Proper hiking boots
  • Backpack
  • Anorak/windbreaker
  • Headgear
  • Rain and sun protection
  • Warm clothes for cold season
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle and rations
  • Walking sticks if you need them


The offered hiking weeks offer different levels of difficulty, especially for hiking weeks, it is essential to read the exact description.


Good equipment is important !, keeping the weight low is just as important, do not carry anything unnecessary! Think about it: what do I really need?


  • Travel documents
  • waterproof trekking boots (Goretex) with good profile 
  • hard Shell / rain jacket
  • rain trousers
  • hut sleeping bag (is mandatory for the Pirenees tour!), best if made of silk, they weigh very little
  • backpack (25-40 liters)
  • hiking / touring pants / zip-off pants
  • functional shirt / merino shirt
  • fleece sweater / fleece jacket
  • sport underwear
  • hiking socks
  • change of shirt
  • warm hat and gloves
  • hut shoes
  • sports towel
  • swimwear
  • water bottles to refill
  • suncream


  • walking sticks / trekking poles
  • rain cover for the backpack
  • headlamp
  • headband
  • sunglasses
  • waterproof dry bag for dry laundry in a backpack

Your personal first aid box:

  • blister plaster
  • magnesium helps against muscle spasms
  • earplugs (in huts someone always snores!)